Hi! I'm Mialy.

As your Pilates teacher I’m here to help you feel energised, strong and amazing in your body.

Mialy Bolger | Pilates Teacher

The Equipment

Our Cambridge Pilates Studio features the gorgeous and innovative BASI System equipment, which is the best of the best. Yes I am biased – but come and see for yourself and let’s be biased together!

The equipment is cleverly designed and feels great to use. It accommodates all sizes, as in if you’re super tall, you won’t have to worry about having your hands or your hips hanging off the reformer bed.

We have Reformers, Wunda Chairs, Cadilllac, Ladder Barrel, and Spine Correctors. So you’ll get to play on all the Pilates equipment in all its glory, not just the Reformer.

The Method

I’m proud to teach the BASI Pilates method. BASI stands for Body Arts and Science International which reflects the BASI approach to Pilates – a true blending of the art and science of human movement.

It focuses on the principles of:

  • Alignment and awareness
  • Balance of musculature and correct movement patterns
  • Efficient movement with precision and control
  • Harmony of body and mind

Each session is structured around the BASI Block system to work the body as a whole, from warm up through to full-body integration exercises to stretches. This approach ensures that every part of the body is addressed, so you feel strong and balanced at the end of each session.


with Mialy

How did you get into Pilates?

I first discovered Pilates in 2006, and I got hooked after my first class because I loved how it gave me such a strong workout, but also made me feel relaxed and invigorated.

In 2011 I qualified as a Pilates instructor through Body Arts & Science International and since then I’ve never stopped training and learning (some qualifications below).

Where’s the name Mialy from?

You guessed it, I’m not from Cambridge!

I’m from Madagascar, and beside New Zealand it’s one of the most beautiful places on earth. I first moved to NZ in 2006 for work, but then met my husband here and now New Zealand is truly home.

So, does Pilates really work?

Short answer, yes! The best part of my work is to see people getting stronger and more confident in their bodies, and do things they would never have thought possible.

As for myself, I’ve had 2 pregnancies and 3 kids (yep, twins…) and Pilates kept me strong through pregnancy and helped me get back in shape after the births.

I’m in better shape now than when I was in my 20s, and I know I’ll still be doing Pilates when I’m 90.

What kind of clients do you work with?

There’s a real range. I work a lot with people in their 30s to 50s who are active and want a workout that’s fun, but pushes them and gets results they can see. They’re keen on a practice that supports everything else in their life, and that isn’t just a short fad.

I’ve also worked a lot with athletes. Pilates gives them a competitive edge because it balances their training programme and addresses the body as a whole. It strengthens the core and the smaller muscles, and improves their flexibility and body awareness so they can move with greater agility and efficiency.

Some of my favourite people are my older clients. Pilates is fantastic for them because it helps keep their muscles and bones strong but is gentle on the joints. It’s great for balance and posture which is crucial as you age, and it keeps them fit to do the things they love.

What do you do outside of Pilates?

We have 3 kids who keep us busy and I enjoy being out in nature with them. I also love Yoga, handstanding  (yes, that’s a thing), and I’ve just taken up surfing! I’m a total wuss in the cold, so surfing is the only thing that can keep me in the NZ waters for hours on end, yay for wetsuits.

Outside of movement things I’m into meditation and mindfulness, reading, and the occasional binge-watching session on Netflix (which is basically almost mindfulness).

I’m new to Pilates / new to your studio. What’s the best way to try it out?

The best thing to do is the New Client Offer, which gives you 2 classes for $49. A great way to try our Cambridge Pilates Studio and see if it’s for you.

Or if you’re brand new to Pilates and are really not sure what to do, you can start with a 1:1 Private session so I can coach you through the fundamentals to get you started.

Pilates Qualifications

BASI Pilates Comprehensive Teaching Certificate ~ 2012

BASI Pilates Mentor Programme ~ 2014

Innovations in Pilates Reformer ~ 2015

Pilates for Injuries and Pathologies ~ 2014, 2018

BASI Pilates Master I ~ 2020

BASI Pilates Master II ~ 2020

"Mialy knows just where her clients sit and how she can push them to achieve their goals in a really loving and subtle way.

She is dedicated to the art of Pilates and translates that into her classes.

Her teaching is thorough and educational. She is warm and inclusive to everyone that walks through her doors."

~ Victoria H.

"Mialy’s classes feel individualised, as a client it feels like Mialy understands and connects with what I would like to do or improve. 

Her personal energy is always very present and calming, she adapts it where needed, and gives enthusiasm and strength.

I always left feeling better than when I arrived."

~ Carly R.


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